By Cody Hooper

We will come right out and say it- we dig the Yamaha YXZ1000R. Nothing else on the market offers the level of
driver involvement and excitement of slamming gears at high RPM. It may not be the fastest or best suspended
UTV you can buy, but it does one thing best, hands down- it deeply involves the driver in the task of driving.

Speaker Pod for the Yamaha YXZ1000R

Rockford Fosgate is no stranger to the UTV market, offering dozens of stereo packages for the most popular
UTVs on the market that will make your car thump and rumble to your favorite tunes. This YXZ is no exception-
Rockford built a fun play car that packs a massive Stage 5 stereo kit, complete with four speakers, a 10"
subwoofer, a 2.7" digital display, 400 watt amplifier, and a direct connect wiring harness (see Rockford Fosgate
Announces new Audio Solutions for the Yamaha YXZ1000R)
. Rockford knew the limitations of the stock YXZ1000's
stator output, so when designing the kit, they didn't throw a ton of power into the mix to keep the battery from draining.

TheRockford Fosgate YXZ is Equipped with HCR Long Travel

This beautiful blue and white YXZ features a stunning HCR Elite long travel kit paired with King 2.5" internal
bypass racing shocks, giving it a plush ride and plenty of suspension travel for soaking up the biggest bumps and
dune G-outs you can find. The HCR kit adds 4 inches of width per side, for a total track width stretch of 8 inches.
The kit also adds 4 inches of wheelbase to the car, and allows it to cycle a full 20 inches of travel up front and 21
out back. We have spent extensive amounts of time testing and tuning an HCR long travel kit on one of our
project YXZs, and we can tell you that it definitely changes the ballpark of comfort and high speed ride control on the car.

Graves Motorsports Titanium Exhaust System

To add a little more power, Rockford installed a full Graves Motorsports Titanium exhaust system and tuned ECU.
The exhaust system adds a ton of grunt to the YXZ's bottom end, while not sacrificing any of the midrange and
top-end punch that makes the YXZ so much fun. According to Graves, the YXZ pipe adds nearly 20 wheel
horsepower at the top end, as well as 15 lb ft of torque in the midrange. The difference between a stock
YXZ1000R and one with the Graves exhaust and tune is staggering, waking the car up considerably.

Assault Industries billet accessories grace the whole car, including their new billet shift knob, Bomber Series side
mirrors, wide angle rear view mirror, +4" heavy duty tie rods, Ballistic D-Shaped steering wheel and billet hub,
quick release fire extinguisher, and a set of their stellar H-Style 5 point harnesses. Assault's products are top-notch
quality, adding a ton of style to the already aggressive-looking YXZ. A TMW Offroad Dominator rollcage is
the largest visual improvement to the car, taking away the hardhat look that the stock cage and roof provide.
Keeping the occupants in one place are a set of gorgeous Triple X seats that are color matched to the car.

This car sees dune and dirt duty, so matching sets of Raceline Wheels A71B Black Mamba beadlocks are fitted to
the Arisun Aftershock XD dirt tires and Sand Tires Unlimited paddles. Finishing touches include an Odyssey
PC925 high capacity battery, Rigid Industries A-Series LED accent lights, a set of Safeglow LED whips, and
Yamaha accessory bumpers.

Rockford Fosgate is all about sound, and this system delivers. The digital display makes stereo adjustments easy,
taking the place of the center console cubby hole forward of the shift lever. The system can handle Auxiliary
inputs and Bluetooth, allowing easy connection to supply your favorite tunes. The whole Stage 5 stereo system is
IPX6 water intrusion rated for outdoor use, meaning you don't have to worry about the components getting wet.
The front speaker pods keep the woofers out of your way, and the rears mount easily to the stock cage or an
aftermarket setup. Installation is quite easy, thanks to Rockford's supplied wiring harness kit. The speaker and sub
enclosures were designed to not take up passenger space, which is a welcomed feature.

PMX-2 Stereo Controller

The heart of the Rockford system is their PMX-2 stereo controller, which features a clear 2.7" Color LCD screen.
The unit is AM/FM/WB compatible, features Bluetooth connectivity, and is Pandora Radio ready. USB charging
ports provide power and data transfer, so you can keep an iPod charged while connected. The PMX-2 also
features high and low crossover adjustment, a 7 band adjustable equalizer, and rubber coated buttons for easy
use. All in all, it's a wonderful unit, with tons of adjustability and a user friendly interface.

This car was built to highlight Rockford's product range, and it does so very well. If you're not looking to dive
headlong into a stereo, but still want some tunes, Rockford also sells less expensive stereo packages with fewer
speakers and power consumption. For more information, please visit

Rockford Fosgate YXZ1000R Audio System


400 Watt Amplified Stereo, Front Upper & Lower Speaker, and Subwoofer Kit for select YXZ1000R models

YXZ-STAGE5 Kit includes:
Direct connect wiring harnesses for YXZ models
System is Element Ready to withstand harsh outdoor environment
Speaker & sub enclosures integrate without losing passenger/cargo space
PMX-2 Punch Marine Compact AM/FM/WB Digital Media Receiver 2.7" Display
RFYXZ-PMXDK: Installation Kit for Dash
RM1652B: Prime Marine 6.5" Full Range Speakers - Black (Pair)
RFYXZ-FSE: 6.5" Front Lower Speaker Enclosure (Pair)
RFYXZ-FSEU: Upper Speaker Enclosure (Pair)
RM110D2B: Prime Marine 10" Dual 2-Ohm Subwoofer Black
RFYXZ-FWE: 10" Front Subwoofer Enclosure
TM400X4ad: Power Marine 400 Watt Class-ad 4-Channel Amplifier
RFYXZ-K8: 2 Seat Amp Wire Kit
*Antenna not included

HCR RACING YAMAHA YXZ 1000 Elite Long Travel Kit
Assault Industries Bomber Series UTV Side Mirrors
Assault Industries H-Style 5 Point Racing Harness
Assault Industries Barrel Style +4" Long Travel Heavy Duty Tie Rods
Assault Industries Ballistic D Steering Wheel Kit
Assault Industries Quick Release UTV Fire Extinguisher Kit
RACELINE WHEELS A71B Black Mamba Beadlocks
YAMAHA Desert Front Grab Bar
YAMAHA High Output 27" HALO LED Light Bar
YAMAHA Rear Cargo Box
YAMAHA Rear Grab Bar

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Arisun is an up-and-coming tire manufacturer specializing in the offroad industry for ATVs and UTVs.
We got our hands on a set of their XC Plus sport quad tires to put through their paces. Running the
right kind of off-road rubber on your machine can be the difference between winning a race or schooling
your buddies out on the trails. We chose Yamaha's Raptor 700 to mount the $345.80 set of XC Plus tires on,
and took it out to test on different types of terrain.

The Raptor 700 is a powerhouse that easily spins the rear tires in all types of terrain, and staying in
control on the ATV is important. Arisun's XC Plus tires let the Raptor hook up well while still allowing
it to slide the rear end in a controllable fashion. These tires are made of a soft rubber compound that
provides good traction for different types of riding. They are six-ply tires, which makes them durable, and
have three layers of nylon material built into the rubber to help prevent punctures. The sidewalls of the
Arisuns flex well over rough terrain, providing a smooth ride, and they don't make the Raptor want to tip
easily in corners. The front tires have a decent bite for cornering and steer the 700 in the direction the
bars are pointed in. The rear XC Pluses are easy to break loose in corners, but will hook up when you want
them to. The soft rubber knobs grab dirt and mud well and let the Raptor's power transfer to the ground far
better than the stock tires did. We tested Arisun's XC Plus tires against a set of GBC's XC Master tires,
which cost $60 for the front tires and $84 for the rears. The GBC front tires grabbed harder in turns than
the Arisuns, but the rear tires did not hook up as quickly and would slide more often. The most noticeable
advantage of the XC Master tires is that they felt a bit more connected to the ground.

Final Thoughts

Arisun's XC Plus sport ATV tires provide great traction in different types of terrain and are long-lasting.
The front tires cost $76.95 each, and the rear are $95.95 apiece. They are a bit on the pricey side but worth the money spent.
The front tires come in sizes 21x7-10, 22x7-10 and 23x7-10. The rears are sized 20x11-8, 20x11-9, 22x11-9, 20x11-10 and 22x11-10.
For more information on Arisun tires, go to or call (714) 893-3311.

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Arisun Aftershock XD - Xtreme armor with Aramid protects against flats utilizing two layers of reinforced nylon, then a third belt of Aramid composite material
that wraps around the shoulder and is sandwiched between another layer of nylon to protect against punctures, cuts and abrasions. Closely spaced lugs produce a
smooth ride over hard surfaces with siped knobs that grip when climbing over rocky terrain.

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"I have had a set of 30x10x15 Arisun Aftershock XD tires on my 2 seat XP1K since the Sand Show. I ran them at Dumont for Halloween as I was too lazy to put on the STU's.
I was really happy with how they performed at the dunes. Aired down to about 5 PSI, and was able to go anywhere and climb any of the hills out there. Great performance even
though they are heavier than my STU's on Hipers. I was finally able to put them to the test in the desert yesterday here in Vegas. I took some of my buddies out to the Pioneer
Saloon in Jean NV through a nice desert run. The trip is about 20 miles each way, and has a combination of high speed runs and some slower climbs with loose rocks and shale.
I had the tires set at 8 PSI for the run. I cant tell you how happy I am with the performance of these tires in the desert! They are very stable at speeds (ran at about 70MPH
on the faster sections), and the traction on the loose rocks / shale was awesome. Had no problem hooking up. Aside from looking badass, they performed badass as well. They
have a belt in the sidewall that is supposed to help with punctures. Overall.... extremely happy with these tires combined with my 15" Raceline Black Mamba beadlocks!

Highly recommended if you are looking for a 30" tire!!!" - sconym